If you have a well established blog or have just started one with the intent of it becoming more than just a hobby, I’ve got your back! I double-check everything on your posts and pages including but not limited to:


Link Checking

This is a BIG one! If you share your most-loved products with your amazing readers, your affiliate links better be working! These links often don’t work or take the reader to the wrong page.  I check every single one so your reader can view and buy all your favourite products. I also make sure all your links open in a new tab so readers don’t lose their place on your website.

Formatting & Fonts

I make sure your photos are aligned and that italics, bolds and paragraphs are all clean and in order. I make sure abbreviations, symbols and numbers are consistent in each post, which is essential for instructions or recipes.

Linking Your Content

Once I become familiar with your blog, I link your existing posts if you forget.

Huh? What does that mean?

For example: I edit one of your posts and you have written something like “The workout was so hard it reminded me of when I climbed Mount Everest.” – Well, OF COURSE you would’ve posted about climbing Mount Everest, so I head back to that post and link it to this post.

This is good for your SEO and will drive more traffic to your site!

Spelling & Grammar

Let’s be honest… It’s a little hard to take anyone seriously when they make spelling and grammar mistakes. But we’re human and mistakes will always be made. Think of me as your school friend who double-checks all your work before you hand it in. (Of course slang and certain text shortcuts don’t count.)

Minor Web Design

I can get you started with your domain, create a professional email address ending in your domain name, and answer questions if you’re just getting started. If you’d like some minor tweaks done or can’t figure something out for yourself, just ask. I might be able to help!

If you’re a blogger who uses affiliate links, someone whose first language isn’t English, or an avid writer who doesn’t want typos in their hot topic pieces, let’s chat!

HK Editing isn’t limited to website editing. If you have an interview, guest post to submit, essay, cover letter or resume, I can help!

If you have questions, contact me, or see FAQ.