How does it work?

Any way you want it to. There are a few different options:

1. Some bloggers like to write their posts a few days in advance, so you can add me as an admin on your platform and I will edit and check everything before the post goes live. I can either make the changes myself, or I can email you a markup so you can review the changes and make them yourself. (Note: I make minor changes to spelling, formatting, and grammar. I do not change your content or writing style at all.)

2. You can copy and paste your content to me in an email and I will send it back once it’s been edited.

3. You can write and post as you normally would and I will subscribe so I am notified as soon as something goes live. I will email you with any changes that need to be made or I can go in and make the changes myself.

Nothing is set in stone. We can start out with one of these options and change how we do things if it’s not working.

If none of the above sound appealing we can make something else work! Everything is tailored to your blog and posting schedule. Just email me and we can work something out!


I have a business website that isn’t a blog. Can you do a one time only read through and edit?

Of course! This will be done on an hourly rate. I will check every word, and every link on your site to make sure it’s working properly!


Do you work with different platforms?

Yes. I am most familiar with WordPress but work with all other platforms as well.


If I hire you, can you go back and edit older posts that are still really popular?

Definitely! You can give me the names of your posts, a date window to check within, or ask me to edit every single post on your blog. Anything is possible.


How much does it cost and how do I pay?

The cost is dependant on your posting schedule and how you’d like me to do the editing. For a quote, please contact me and leave your website address in the email. I will take a look at your average week in posting and I’ll get back to you! Every website’s price will be different and we will sort out an invoicing schedule that works for you and your site. I take payment via interac e-transfer (in Canada only), cheque or Paypal (worldwide).


HK Editing isn’t limited to website editing. If you have an interview, guest post to submit, essay, cover letter or resume, I can help!